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Page history last edited by alexcp 3 years, 5 months ago

Интерфейс I2C на базе PCF8584, который можно воткнуть вместо ВВ55

(провод на фото исправляет ошибку, которую я допустил в первом варианте платы)

Gerber файлы для изготовления печатной платы (ошибка исправлена):pcf8584.zip

Пример программирования:

; PCF8584 use example

; Created by @alexcp on 20 Dec 2018

; Define PCF8584 ports

PCF_BASE    EQU     0A000h

DATA_REG    EQU     0

CTRL_REG    EQU     1




; Define PCF8584 status bit masks

PCF_BBN     EQU     01h             ; bus busy, active low

PCF_PIN     EQU     80h             ; pending interrupt, active low

PCF_LRB     EQU     08h             ; last received bit (typically the ACK bit)


; Define slave address


; Byte to send to the slave



            ORG     0

; initialize PCF8584


; program own slave address (this is required even if the address is not used)

            MVI     A, 80h          ; serial interface off; next byte will be loaded into register own address register

            STA     PCF_CTRL

            MVI     A, 55h          ; effective own address becomes 0AAh (55h<<1)

            STA     PCF_DATA

; program clock and I2C bus speed

            MVI     A, 0A0h         ; next byte will be loaded into the clock control register S2

            STA     PCF_CTRL

            MVI     A, 1Ch          ; system clock is 12 MHz; SCL = 90 kHz

            STA     PCF_DATA

; enable serial interface

            MVI     A, 0C1h         ; enable serial interface, set I2C-bus into idle mode

            STA     PCF_CTRL


; now actually send something to a slave


; wait for bus availability

            LDA     PCF_CTRL        ; load status byte

            ANI     PCF_BBN         ; is bus available?

            JZ      PCF_MASTER_TX   ; JIF not available

; form the slave address with the R/W bit (R=1, W=0) at LSB

            XRA     A               ; Carry = 0

            MVI     A, SLAVE_ADDR   ; load slave address

            RAL                     ; shift address left, set R/W bit to 0 (write)

            STA     PCF_DATA

; generate START condition on the I2C bus and clock out the address byte

            MVI     A, 0C5h          

            STA     PCF_CTRL        ; transmit address + R/W bit


; wait for the transmission to finish

            LDA     PCF_CTRL        ; poll for transmission finished

            MOV     B, A            ; store status byte for the later chack for acknowledgement

            ANI     PCF_PIN         ; is transmission complete?

            JNZ     TX10            ; not complete, keep waiting

            MOV     A, B

; check if the slave acknowledged the address

            ANI     PCF_LRB         ; slave acknowledged?

            JNZ     TXSTOP          ; JIF not acknowledged - maybe the slave is busy or not present at that address

; slave acknowledged the address, so send the data

            MVI     A, DATA_BYTE    ; byte to be transferred

            STA     PCF_DATA        ; send the data byte to the slave


; wait for the transmission to finish

            LDA     PCF_CTRL        ; poll for transmission finished

            ANI     PCF_PIN

            JNZ     TX20            ; JIF not finished

; here one can check for acknowledgement and send the next byte, etc.


; generate STOP condition on the I2C bus

            MVI     A, 0C3h          

            STA     PCF_CTRL        ; generate STOP condition


            JMP     PCF_MASTER_TX   ; repeat sending sequence


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